Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Peep The Tracklisting For Lou Cane Mixtape & Stream “Bad Man” [PHOTO]

We already showed you the lyrical whirlwind Virginia mic controller Cane can kick up with his “Give the Drummer Some” record. And lucky for fans who like head-nodding Hip-Hop, that song has home in the Lou Cane mixtape. 
Like the Mortal Kombat Shaolin hero is to kicking ass, Cane is to doing damage over audio supplied by his producer, Lou and they are both looking to make their mark on the crowded music arena. In preparation for the upcoming project which releases on December 18, we are delivering a new leak from the tape titled “Bad Man” which is pretty much self-explanatory.

“Bad Man is honest. I’m really just taking a deeper look at myself, exposing some of my flaws and insecurities, and putting things in perspective,” Cane tells Hip-Hop Wired. The fear of not reaching expectations is haunting, and i think Lou’s production helps paint that feeling on this one.”

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