Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Bad Man [VIDEO] ...and a note from Cane

Bad Man was originally found on the Citizen Cane album.  But if you are a "CITIZEN" you already know that! With Lou Cane, Lou and I wanted to put the songs that best embody us as artists on there.  This song is one of my most honest songs.  I’m really just taking a deeper look at myself, exposing some of my flaws and insecurities, and putting things in perspective.  The fear of not reaching expectations is haunting, and i think Lou’s production also helps paint that feeling on this one.  I put a lot of my self-conscious thoughts on the table.  My folks have stood by me on this journey, when they didn't have to, and I want to make them proud.  The fear of failure is one I have battled with since my football playing days, and it's certainly become more of an issue the closer I get to my ultimate goal in this music industry.  

I want to shout out my man Lou Burna for always encouraging me to say what I want to say, and for striving to continue pushing the boundaries creatively.  I remember we were riding around in his whip, and he threw on the beat, and I instantly started saying, "I'm a Bad Man momma".... Lou said, "yeah, that's it!"  And whenever he approves and is genuinely feeling it, I'm immediately empowered to take the gloves off and go for it.
I was told by somebody in the industry that this song would never work at a live show, because of the "repetitive vocal sample".  So when we were doing the Citizen Cane shows I strayed away from performing it.  But as we started doing shows around the Lou Cane release, we performed it and received an overwhelming response.  So what did I learn from that?  Go with your gut, do you, and fuck what others THINK they know.  THE PEOPLE can always sense what's real.  In fact that's what they want: genuine, unfiltered honesty

Lyrics (BAD MAN by Cane)
Was raised right, but grew up into a monster/
influenced by the music, the fluid and the ganja/
It wasnt you momma, pops did his job too/
you cant hide from the demons thats inside you/
Momma always said, "one of you boys is an addict"/
I dont know yet, guess I'm still working at it/
Still searching how to get out of this lifestyle/
wasting my days slaving got me turning to a night owl/
right out of a high, to a low/
ask me why? i dont know/
and i try to control/
but I cant get a hold of my anxiety still/
So I'm swimming in bottles while I'm fishing for pills/
I wish I could chill/

I'm a Bad Man momma...

My brother just had a baby/
I just got a maybe for a big gig, and shit they might pay me/
we all hype aint we YALL/
no it aint a new life, but this could be the new life that I been waiting on/
banking on something to change/
so I can give my family something to say/
so they aint blushing with shame/
when my name comes up in the conversation/
at another congregation, bet they bring me up in moderation/
so they aint stuck explaining 
where I'm almost at, and why I'm never around/
and why I still aint settling down/
and my head is in the clouds/
I aint lettin up, but I'm lettin em down/
I need to put this medicine down/

I'm a Bad Man momma...

My brother just popped the question, I just popped a pill/
No it aint at no church, but my name is ringing bells/
i think I'm doing well, they think I'm in a well, just wishin/
to them I'm only on the net = swishin/
cuz they aint seen me in months, or heard my voice/
so they asking how I'm doin when they run into my boys/
running out of poise, I want em unaware/
I don't want em knowing I'm the son they wanna fear/
I'm hiding skeletons, my closet a haunted house/
I grab a pair of airs and they all are falling out/
all the thought about if I does or if I doesn't/
Got me buzzing running to another subtance/
I'm buggin/

I'm a Bad Man momma...


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