Sunday, February 21, 2016

[STREAM] Cane links up with Statik Selektah and Termanology for "Take Time"

Coming off his LouCane release, the DMV based emcee, Cane continues the momentum by dropping his newest Statik Selektah produced single, Take Time. The single that features well-known lyricist Termanology, was recently premiered on Sirius XM's "Showoff Radio".  Cane last collaborated with Statik Selektah on the Lucky 7 album where he was accompanied by the legendary Talib Kweli and Pro Era standout CJ Fly on Track 19, “ScratchOff”.

On “Take Time”, Cane and Term drop conscious verses about topics that most overlook, but are more than deserving of taking a few minutes to just think about.  "Take Time" will be found on Cane's forthcoming EP entitled "The Dark Hours", set to release March 4th.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Bad Man [VIDEO] ...and a note from Cane

Bad Man was originally found on the Citizen Cane album.  But if you are a "CITIZEN" you already know that! With Lou Cane, Lou and I wanted to put the songs that best embody us as artists on there.  This song is one of my most honest songs.  I’m really just taking a deeper look at myself, exposing some of my flaws and insecurities, and putting things in perspective.  The fear of not reaching expectations is haunting, and i think Lou’s production also helps paint that feeling on this one.  I put a lot of my self-conscious thoughts on the table.  My folks have stood by me on this journey, when they didn't have to, and I want to make them proud.  The fear of failure is one I have battled with since my football playing days, and it's certainly become more of an issue the closer I get to my ultimate goal in this music industry.  

I want to shout out my man Lou Burna for always encouraging me to say what I want to say, and for striving to continue pushing the boundaries creatively.  I remember we were riding around in his whip, and he threw on the beat, and I instantly started saying, "I'm a Bad Man momma".... Lou said, "yeah, that's it!"  And whenever he approves and is genuinely feeling it, I'm immediately empowered to take the gloves off and go for it.
I was told by somebody in the industry that this song would never work at a live show, because of the "repetitive vocal sample".  So when we were doing the Citizen Cane shows I strayed away from performing it.  But as we started doing shows around the Lou Cane release, we performed it and received an overwhelming response.  So what did I learn from that?  Go with your gut, do you, and fuck what others THINK they know.  THE PEOPLE can always sense what's real.  In fact that's what they want: genuine, unfiltered honesty

Lyrics (BAD MAN by Cane)
Was raised right, but grew up into a monster/
influenced by the music, the fluid and the ganja/
It wasnt you momma, pops did his job too/
you cant hide from the demons thats inside you/
Momma always said, "one of you boys is an addict"/
I dont know yet, guess I'm still working at it/
Still searching how to get out of this lifestyle/
wasting my days slaving got me turning to a night owl/
right out of a high, to a low/
ask me why? i dont know/
and i try to control/
but I cant get a hold of my anxiety still/
So I'm swimming in bottles while I'm fishing for pills/
I wish I could chill/

I'm a Bad Man momma...

My brother just had a baby/
I just got a maybe for a big gig, and shit they might pay me/
we all hype aint we YALL/
no it aint a new life, but this could be the new life that I been waiting on/
banking on something to change/
so I can give my family something to say/
so they aint blushing with shame/
when my name comes up in the conversation/
at another congregation, bet they bring me up in moderation/
so they aint stuck explaining 
where I'm almost at, and why I'm never around/
and why I still aint settling down/
and my head is in the clouds/
I aint lettin up, but I'm lettin em down/
I need to put this medicine down/

I'm a Bad Man momma...

My brother just popped the question, I just popped a pill/
No it aint at no church, but my name is ringing bells/
i think I'm doing well, they think I'm in a well, just wishin/
to them I'm only on the net = swishin/
cuz they aint seen me in months, or heard my voice/
so they asking how I'm doin when they run into my boys/
running out of poise, I want em unaware/
I don't want em knowing I'm the son they wanna fear/
I'm hiding skeletons, my closet a haunted house/
I grab a pair of airs and they all are falling out/
all the thought about if I does or if I doesn't/
Got me buzzing running to another subtance/
I'm buggin/

I'm a Bad Man momma...


Most of you will be throwing on creative and creepy costumes this Halloween weekend. But there are a few individuals out there who don’t have to put on a mask or makeup to walk in a deranged killer’s shoes. For his latest visual, DMV wordsmith Cane gives us a glimpse into life on the sadistic side and quenches his thirst to kill in “Caught A Body.”
Following a memorable appearance on Statik Selektah‘s Lucky 7 LP earlier this year, Cane is gearing up to body more beats on his upcoming project Lou Cane, due out December 15. For the second single off of LC“Caught A Body,” Cane channels his inner Patrick Bateman, giving us a view to a kill as he plots on, executes, and finally, disposes of his victim and the track with swift blows and rapid rhymes, respectively. If it’s any consolation though, he didn’t really want to add to the body count when he woke up that morning.
Enjoy your daily dose of evil and watch Cane‘s “Caught A Body” up top. And in case you missed it, don’t take the big sleep on the visual for his first single “Give The Drummer Some,” which you’ll find after the jump.

Peep The Tracklisting For Lou Cane Mixtape & Stream “Bad Man” [PHOTO]

We already showed you the lyrical whirlwind Virginia mic controller Cane can kick up with his “Give the Drummer Some” record. And lucky for fans who like head-nodding Hip-Hop, that song has home in the Lou Cane mixtape. 
Like the Mortal Kombat Shaolin hero is to kicking ass, Cane is to doing damage over audio supplied by his producer, Lou and they are both looking to make their mark on the crowded music arena. In preparation for the upcoming project which releases on December 18, we are delivering a new leak from the tape titled “Bad Man” which is pretty much self-explanatory.

“Bad Man is honest. I’m really just taking a deeper look at myself, exposing some of my flaws and insecurities, and putting things in perspective,” Cane tells Hip-Hop Wired. The fear of not reaching expectations is haunting, and i think Lou’s production helps paint that feeling on this one.”

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[ VIDEO ] Premieres "Give The Drummer Some"

It shouldn’t be too hard of a request for new rappers to possess enough skills to sound like they’re actually recognizance of the rhymes they are kicking. 
Virginia MC Cane doesn’t seem to have this problem in his new visual for “Give The Drummer Some,” where he blesses his sound man with witty bars they can actually apply to a head nodding track. The track is made for an album but strong enough for a freestyle; just the way rap elders wanted it to be. 
Cane is coming off a bubble-bursting year where he released his most cohesive project to date in Citizen Cane, which garnered him props from the likes of Statik Selektah and Sway Calloway.
The song will appear on Cane’s upcoming Lou Cane mixtape, à la doing some Mortal Kombat do bars. 
Take a look at the “Give The Drummer Some” video in the link below